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A Must Read For Upcoming Nollywood Artistes

Hello folks, today, I have decided to address an issue that has plagued my mind for a while now. I ask, HOW DID WE GET HERE? HOW DID IT GET THIS BAD? I grew in a country that once revered our industry, NOLLYWOOD over time. We have gotten technically better, but we have also gotten creatively and morally DIRTY. For those that were privileged to be born then, didn’t you enjoy watching movies like RATTLE SNAKE, LIVING IN BONDAGE, WITCHES, EVIL MEN, FINAL ESCAPE, DIAMOND RING, IGODO, and so on?  I bet, the answer is Yes.  And it is because professionalism was a standard. That is also the reason why 80% of movie producers were successful. We must know that Success will not lower its standard to us. We must raise our standard to success.

However, the destruction began when it became an ‘all comers’ affair, when everybody became desperate, when people would give anything to be on a movie set only to take pictures with stars and flood it on social media. May I ask who told you that sleeping with or dating a producer, director or production manager will make you a star? He will give you roles in movies, but you will also be the equivalent of a slave. Why? Because, you sleep with him, buy him gifts, go for his jobs that you are supposed to be paid well to do and in the end you leave with nothing.

The movie hasn’t upgraded your status in anyway, you have spent your money in probably accommodating yourself or becoming a sex slave and you have done this for years without success. The truth is, you will become as small as your controlling desire, or as great as your dominant aspiration. If you really want success, isn’t it reasonable to steal a leaf from the successful?  If you spend half of the time you spend scouting for these jobs in creating something special and conceptual that the viewers will love, you will surely be a star and they will love you for it.

Furthermore, every single NOLLYWOOD star is recognized by a concept. What is yours? It is not magic, it is simple reasoning. No human being on earth can make you a star. Only GOD and your honest but rigorous efforts will do that. It’s also not about doing lead roles. You can do 100 lead roles in a year and still not attain stardom. Look around, the facts speak for themselves. It takes only one movie to make a star.

Now, to the pictures below, firstly, I apologize for the obscenity. But I need to address an issue, THE INSURGENCE OF INTERNET PORNOGRAPHY. The internet, undoubtedly, is a good market for porn. Porn is a genre that is lucrative for movie producers. Sex, they say, sells; but I ask, in Hollywood, how many porn stars act in good movies? Why have our UPCOMING ARTISTES decided to be so blatantly exploited? They have not only exploited your labour, they have also exploited your dignity. How have they been foolish enough to let this happen? Do you know what these same marketers are saying about you? Do you know what good directors are saying about you? Do you know what the viewers, fans are also saying? Mothers will hide their kids from you, Preachers will preach against you. What will you tell your kids? Is this where your dreams lie? You have a point to prove to them, what do you think they will be doing when they see these pictures? You are not only killing your dreams, you are also killing other people’s dreams too. Like I said earlier it’s not a crime for producers or directors to make movies like these, they are making money from it but there are porn actors. They are the ones that should be doing this, not you.

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Finally, dear prospective Nollywood icons, guard your reputation jealously because, as much as you like telling yourselves that you don’t care what people say, it is those people that are responsible for your stardom. They are your fans. You seek them to please by your craft. Find your dream and live it. There is more in you than you will ever know.


Written By: Emeka Soundmind

Edited By: Efosa Osagie


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