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7 Ways Travel Can Help You Find The One

Thinking of settling down with a partner? You probably have a few unanswered questions. These questions may ultimately lead to doubt and leaving you to wonder if you are taking the right step. So, here is how to really know your partner. Travel with them. This will put your relationship to the test.
1. You Will See How Well The 2 Of You Get Along Without Life’s Distractions
When there is no Netflix or a constant smartphone network, it is up to you and your partner to entertain each other.
That’s where you note your partner’s sense of humour, or lack of humour. However, how long this chit-chat continues is dependent on the chemistry that you share.

2. You Will See How Differently Your Values And Interests Vary
During this trip, you will have to decide on even the smallest of things together. The itinerary, meal plans and transport preferences are some of the things you may have to decide together. For instance, your partner might choose a flight package but your wallet may not allow. Taking them to your destination via road may leave them disappointed. Such instances reveal your partner’s priorities and allow you to see how willing they are to meet you halfway.

3. You Will See How Your Partner Treats And Relates With Others
Hiking within a group allows you to watch how your partner relates with new people in a low pressure environment. They could end up making new friends or being snobs altogether. Exhaustion and culture shock can bring out some deeply hidden character flaws. While on holiday, so pay close attention to how your partner acts towards waiters, hotel workers, and other service personnel. How they treat others is most probably how they will treat you down the road.

4. Both Of You Will Be Out Of Your Comfort Zone
A language barrier that you have to tackle together or even a declined ATM Card may highlight your partner’s strengths and flaws. Your partner may be surprisingly good at kayaking, or horse riding. These little discoveries can go a long way in making your big decision a little easier.

5. How Well They Make Financial Decisions
You will see how well they make financial decisions. They require months of planning and strict budgeting. Most people choose to pay their trips in installments Budgeting and planning together allows you to see how well the 2 of you make financial decisions. Money, they say is a real test of love.

6. It’s Fun And You Need It
The best part about traveling with your partner is the incredible amounts of fun. Seeing the world together may actually make you fall in love all over again.

7. You Will Be Together 24 Hours A Day
When you go on a trip with your significant other, there is barely room for escape. If you can put up with each other for such extended periods of time, chances are high that your relationship will continue to blossom, and you can rule out all those “what if we get sick of each other” worries.


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