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Minister of Power, Babatunde Fashola

Fashola Addresses The Issue Of Nigeria’s Infrastructure Deficit

Strategies to successfully reform Nigeria’s power infrastructure was the focus at chatam House research event which took place in London, August 1

Nigeria’s minister of power, Babatunde Raji Fashola who featured at the event addressed the issue of the cost of Nigeria’s infrastructure deficit to its development outcomes, economic growth and business environment.

The minister also discussed the country’s urgent infrastructure needs, his reform priorities and challenges to implementation. He outlined the government’s ‘Roadmap for change’ and discussed the roles of the private and public sectors in supporting the transformation of Nigeria’s infrastructure.

The event examined efforts made over the years to improve Nigeria’s civil infrastructure, which has been prevented by corruption, inefficiency and lack of funding, and in the case of power supply, by an aging distribution network and lacking gas supply.

With a mere 40% of geographical coverage and transmission capabilities of about 6,000 gigawatts, Nigeria’s transmission infrastructure comprises about 6,680km of 330 KV lines, 330/132KV substations with installed transformation capacity of 10,166 MVA and 132/32/11KV substations with installed transformation capacity of 11,660MVA.

It experiences average transmission loss of about 9%, which has led the ministry of power to encourage more embedded power generation projects.


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