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US Election: ‘Obama is the founder of ISIS’ – Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump at a rally in Sunrise says President Barrack Obama is the founder of the deadly ‘Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’, ISIS, and says Hillary Clinton is Isis co-founder

At a rally in Sunrise, Florida, Trump another time attacked the foreign places coverage of

President Obama and Hillary Clinton, adding that their rules and policies resulted in the advent of the deadly Islamic group, ISIS

“ISIS is honoring President Obama,”  “he is the founding father of ISIS. He is the

founder of ISIS, proper sufficient? He’s the founder. He based ISIS. And I would say the

co-founder might be Hillary Clinton.” Trump said.

Trump’s comments on Wednesday was not the first time he associated Obama to ISIS.

In June, 2016 he tweeted a chunk of writing from Breitbart news saying that, “The Obama management

was actively helping Al Qaeda in Iraq, the terrorist organization that have become the

Islamic Country.”

Trump in addition, added that President Obama, a Christian, is secretly a Muslim, he also falsely stated the president was born in Kenya, East Africa when he was, as a matter of fact, born in Hawaii.


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