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Tecno Camon C9 Comes With Eyelid Security

Tecno Mobile’s Camon C9 Smartphone has that unique features to guarantee the security of your phone as well as providing you with the needed features and secrecy.


The Tecno Camon C9 Android 6.0 Smartphone Marshmallow follows the footsteps of his predecessor Camon series C.

The Camon C9 security features goes a long way to meet your needs. Unlike other smart phones that use passwords, fingerprints etc. to unlock. The Camon C9 uses the eyelid to unlock. Camon C9 is camera-centric smartphone designed for those who love the images. The device comes with great improvements in design and sophisticated camera functions.

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It comes with a flashlight Camera Dual magic, 13 mega pixels in both the back and front. The camera offers a wide 83-degree angle for selfies and 120 degrees panoramic Selfies. unlike previous phones Camon intelligent C series which had 0.3 seconds auto focus cameras. The Camon C9 of the camera is designed to quickly capture images at 0.1 seconds automatic focus.The phone also has a capture button image, saving the user to touch the screen whenever the selfies taken.
Camon C9 is built with a large 5.5 inch display screen, with high definition (HD) resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and 267 pixels per inch (PPI). It has 4G  network connectivity and dual sim slot.

The smartphone hardware is another thing to boast, with 64bit processor octa-core clocked at 1.7GHz. Added is a 2GB RAM and Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Camon C9 is equipped with a large internal storage space of 16 GB and the capacity of the external SD card up to 128GB that can be used to store media files, and any other documents. The phone has a high-density rechargeable 3000mAh battery.

According Huddah Nakazinga, the Senior Product Consultant, Tecno is about to unveil another specific feature of Camon C9 called T-Strap Band.

The T-Strap Band that the user will wear on his arm will allow the user to take photos remotely by creating a 10m connection between himself and the phone and he or she will be able to take a snapshot with a single click on the T band.



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