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6 Things That Should Never Be On Your CV

Your CV is your way of telling your interviewer who you are and what you can do. Recruiters judge you by the information provided on your resume and can make their decision whether it is worth meeting you.

You need to be absolutely certain you are portraying the right things on your CV.

A lot of information should be added but these 6 things should be taken off your CV.

  1. Unprofessional Email Address

If you are still using an email address from your university days, it might be time for a change. Such email addresses like ‘fineboy4life@gmail.com’ or ‘sexygirl4u@yahoo.com’ are ruining your chances. Just create an email address with your first name and last name. Keep it simple and classy.

  1. Your Photo

No one needs to see how glamorous you look for them to hire you. Besides, recruiters should consider you for your experience and skills. Putting up a photo can lead them to unfairly discriminate against you in terms of age, race and so on.

  1. Jobs You Were Fired From

Here’s the thing, most people think they have to put every single job experience on their Resume. This is not true. One thing you should avoid is a job you were fired from for unethical conduct. Your potential employers will do their homework and call your former employers. One wrong feedback can cause them to take you off the short list.

  1. Personal Life

Prospective employers also do not need to know about your married life and kids. In fact, this could hurt more than it helps. If your interviewer is concerned about hiring someone with children, he or she could dump your CV in the trash before getting to know what you can offer. Do not disqualify yourself for the job before you even had a chance to meet the interviewer.

  1. Your Hobbies

Playing football, listening to music are some of the things that are guaranteed to bore your potential employer. There is no need for your hobbies to have an honourable mention on your CV. If your hobby is related to your job, it is okay to mention it during your oral interview. No need to dedicate space to talk about what you do with your spare time.

  1. Irrelevant Jobs

Just like with jobs you were fired from, jobs, where, the skills are not relevant to the position you are applying for, should not be on your CV. Only include work that shows how your experience directly translates to the job you want. Hiring managers generally want someone who can do the job and this means they peruse your resume so they can see if you have successfully performed similar job duties elsewhere.


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