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The Age When Couples Tend to Cheat On Their Spouses

A recent study has revealed the dangerous age where most individual tend to cheat on their spouses.

In the current century, cheating in marriage is turning into more and more common.

The behaviour is increasing at such a fast rate, for a few reasons that have caused researchers to conduct several studies on the situation

A study has been done that reveals the dangerous age when a man or woman is at more risk to cheat, 39-years-old.

Is your partner approaching 39? Do they show cheating behaviour?

Then pay attention, be more observative.

According to infidelity website, people at 39 years old-time range measure double a lot of probably to cheat than at any other age.

Similarly, ages 29 and 49 were also ranked among the danger years but way lesser compared to the big 49.

The reason why spouses at 39 cheat is purely out of the ‘aging’ feeling or factor.

People at this age range measure a lot of involved concerning their age, their look and square measure troubled concerning their lives.

Is is meaningful? Am i growing old? Have i achieved something in life? It’s essentially worrisome for them.

Studies show such issues result in behaviours that make one seek for ‘meaning’ in life. In this case, an affair is the next significant thing.

Anything to make them feel more lively, more significant, more appreciated and much more.

The affair is more or less cushioning them from the truth and providing ‘meaning’ in their lives.


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