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Anger As Mother And Child Twerk In Video

Anger and reactions as mother and daughter twerk in Video.

A woman has shocked many after posting what many are calling an “inappropriate” clip which has the lady twerking with her little daughter that is not even up to 3 years old

The woman has been heavily criticized on social media after posting a twerking video that involves her twerking with a child barely 3 years old.


According to the critics, the woman is teaching the young child inappropriate behaviors that will end up affecting her morals when she grows up in life.


Mombasa based singer, Akothee was once heavily criticised after teaching her daughters her to twerk and revealing she always twerks in front of her father.

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The young mother, who many speculate in the comments that she is a single mother, seems too careless whether the baby is coping her when she is twerking.

Watch the clip here


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