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Apple To Start Billing Nigerian Users In Naira

iTunes sent out a mail over the weekend to its Nigerian subscribers informing them of an imminent currency change in the Apple Music and iTunes Store.

With “Currency Change in the App Store, iTunes store, and Apple Music” in the subject line,

The message read thus;

“Dear Subscriber, The currency of the App Store, the iTunes Store, and Apple Music in Nigeria will soon be changing from U.S. dollars to Nigerian naira.   This change requires no action from you. After the currency change occurs, any pre-orders or subscriptions you have will be billed in Nigerian naira.   Learn how to manage your subscriptions or send iTunes Gifts via email. If you have any other questions, visit Apple Support”.

Regards,  Apple.

Since the increase in the exchange rate, Nigeria has seen a reduction in online dollar purchases from app stores, paid ads and content streaming platforms. And obviously, iTunes is not left out of the dearth of online patronage from Nigeria.

In changing the transactional currency to naira for Nigerians, iTunes is seemingly towing the same line that Facebook took in October 2016.

In Facebook case, it is probable that the naira rates are still going to be calculated at the normal dollar-naira exchange rates.

Still I wonder how iTunes hopes to navigate the hurdles of Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC). Are they going to use Flutterwave or do they already have a Nigerian naira account?

Meanwhile, we will wait and see how this new development pans out.


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