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Banker Quit His Banking Job For Plumbing

A Nigerian banker, Bonire Abdulrahman Femi has surprised many after he revealed he drop banking job for plumbing.

According to Bonire Abdulrahman Femi, growing up, he had a dream to become a military General. He was so enthusiastic about this that he refused to write the university entry examination (JAMB) when he was passing out of school. This, to him, was to make his parent give his ambition their all.

However, after several failed attempts to secure an admission into the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA), he began to understand that he has to have several different realistic plans – like become a successful entrepreneur. But, the big question was, how was he going to accomplish this feat?

Mr. Bonire Abdulrahman Femi

According to Bonire, he let go of his military ambition and turned to plumbing which his father taught him.

However, after several unsuccessful attempts to promote and repackage his plumbing business, shortly after graduating from the university, Femi gave in to the challenges of paying the bills and took up a day job with an insurance company and a bank in quick succession.

But, all along, his dreams of building his own business wouldn’t let him be.

Eventually, he resigned as a banker and went back fully into his plumbing business.

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Although he might still be having another great business plans up his sleeves, as far as plumbing is concerned, Bonire says he’s living his dreams.

“I no longer have to get stuck to a monotonous routine job every single day the way it used to be. I now get pleasure from what I do and do what I enjoy. Do you? If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking don’t settle. And like every other thing that interest the heart, you’ll know when you find it”


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