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Is Breastfeeding A Child While Pregnant Normal?

Have you ever seen a woman breastfeeding her child while being pregnant with another baby? Did you recoil? Is it normal?

I was asked this exact question yesterday and here’s the answer.

It is perfectly normal to breastfeed while pregnant but make sure you get clearance from your doctor or midwife. The reason for this is that breastfeeding causes mild uterine (womb) contractions and although this should not have any effect on a normal pregnancy, it may not be ideal for a high-risk one.

During pregnancy, the constituents of the breast milk change slightly and this could affect the taste of the milk. As your pregnancy progresses, the amount of milk produced decreases and your child may stop feeding on his/her own.

Pregnancy may also increase soreness and pain in the breasts and nipples making it more uncomfortable to breastfeed.

Finally, remember to enrich your diet even more as both pregnancy and breastfeeding require a nutrient rich diet.


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