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British Airways Christmas Boxing Day

British Airways To Be Fully Operational On Christmas And Boxing Day

British Airways intends to be fully operational on Christmas Day and Boxing Day in spite of the proposed industrial action by Unite union.

British Airways CEO and chairman, Mr. Alex Cruz,  in a statement released on Monday, said the airline will still fly to all its routes without any hitches.

Mr. Alex said “We are making sure that this attempt to ruin Christmas for thousands of our customers fails. Over the weekend we have been working on detailed contingency plans to ensure that we are able to operate our normal flight programme from all our airports on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

“We urge Unite to abandon this strike call, which is serving only to cause anxiety among our Mixed Fleet cabin crew colleagues. Our Mixed Fleet crew does a tremendous job for our customers.

“They earn a competitive salary package, with all crew working full-time receiving a minimum of £21,000 a year. We are seeking to improve this package and we encourage Unite to start a positive dialogue with us about our proposals.

“We continue to seek a non-disruptive solution to issues of concern to our Mixed Fleet colleagues. That is why we initiated the talks at the conciliation service ACAS today.

The Cabin crew of British Airways who are members of the Unite union and work for the airline’s Mixed Fleet operation are expected to go on strike December 25 and 26 to protest meagre salary and broken promises.




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