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BSN Translates The Bible Into 24 Nigerian Languages

The Bible Society of Nigeria (BSN) said that it has completed the interpretation of the Bible into twenty four different Nigerian languages.

Among the twenty four different languages the Holy book was translated are Igala, Igede, Isoko, Ebira, Yoruba, Efik, Igbo, Hausa, Nupe, Urhobo, Fulfude, Khana, Jju, Bokyi, Edo, Arabic, Tiv, Itsekiri and Kanuri.

In a statement signed by BSN’s Deputy Manager, Mr. Benjamin Mordi, Media and Programmes, which was made available to the media, said BSN provides bibles free to old people’s homes and orphanages, prisoners and also the deaf, people with visual physical challenge.

The Bible in the twenty four different languages was displayed in the Bible marathon reading exercise which began on Monday in Lagos.

The General Secretary of the organisation, Mr. Dare Ajiboye, declared the 2016 Bible reading campaign, BSN, said open at Shepherd’s Flock International Church, Lagos.

It said the one-week programme at the same time occurred in fifty different Centres across the country.

The statement said, “The distinctive feature of this programme is that it gives the participants opportunity to read the Bible aloud in their own native languages.

“Participants, regardless of denomination, age or sex, can have a three-fold joy by taking part.

They will have the joy of reading the Bible in their languages, helping some other person hear the Word of God in a new manner and joining others in continuous reading of the Bible.”

The statement added that BSN is a not-for-profit-making interdenominational Christian organisation that interprets the Bible into Nigerian Languages, publishes and distributes it and also raises funds for Bible work.

So far, we have completed Bible in twenty four Nigerian Languages. The BSN offers Bibles free to old people’s homes and orphanages, individuals with visual disability, prisoners, the deaf, among others.”

SOURCE: newsexpressngr


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