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Career Opportunities In The Hotel Industry

Like every other industry, the Hospitality industry is vast and takes on people in different career paths, offering job opportunities to top level managers and low-level support staff. So what do you really need to make it in the Hotel Industry?

Here, I would try to identify the different skill sets that you may need to possess. What is amazing is that you can work from home in some of these job descriptions. The basic skills you need in the industry is a people skills. The hospitality industry is about taking care of the needs of others. People pay good money to be attended to in an efficient, amiable and respectful manner. If you do not have the skills to respond to people in this way, you may not even bother. Also, the biggest cities are where the hotel chains are mostly concentrated, Hotels in Lagos and Hotels in Abuja get the biggest patronage than anywhere else in the Nigeria. So, if you are not in these parts you may want to make the move down.

Digital Marketers

The world is all in the mobile nowadays. Digital Markers can work in virtually any industry and the hotel and tourism industry is well one of them. From airlines to hotels, from hotel booking sites to destinations and theme parks, businesses are trying to get their brand out to the people who need them and are constantly engaging with one screen or the other, either via mobile phones, desktop or tablets computers.

Tour Operators

As a tour operator, you would be involved in taking people on sightseeing trips to the interesting places within your reach. This comes with knowing the places people want to visit, where they want to go to have fun, designing different tour packages for couples, families, and solo travellers. Your destination would range from wildlife safaris to theme parks, hiking and camping to honeymoons and family vacations. Whatever the destination, you and your travelling vacationers need a place to stay. Some of the ways to make extra money are to take advantage of hotel deals. Get into partnerships with hotel booking portals or with the hotels directly.

Travel Agents

Travel agents are a special breed. They have been around for so long and new technology has seen them adapt to the growing demands of the industry. You can run your travel agency from the corner of your room; all you need is an active phone line and internet connection. You can book hotels and flights for thousands of people in a year.

Fitness Instructor

Many hotels are eager to have facilities within their establishment that satisfy a broad range of clientele needs. From Wellness Rooms and Spa to Business centres, to Gym and Fitness rooms. As a spa and body wellness expert, yoga instructor, gym and personal fitness trainer, you can build a career working for a hotel by managing these facilities for them. Of course, this might mean that you would have already built your reputation as an expert in that field before a big hotel brand.

Customer Service

Customer service is a culture and while it emanates from everyone in the business it particular rests on the shoulders of the men and women tasked with dealing with the issues and enquiries of customers who call to understand what is going on with a service they have paid for, or are interested in paying for. Customer service people must know everything about the business, they cannot give false information out, and they cannot promise what the company cannot give. They are responsible for assuaging the fears of customers and clients, knowing what the issue is with their hotel room booking.

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Casino Operator

Like gyms and spas, some hotels recognise the need to service a special clientele base who are looking to spend on chips and the dice. One of the ways you can make an entry into the hotel industry is as a Casino Manager or operator of a table or machine.


What is a luxury hotel without great dining? Some of the greatest attractions to 5-star hotels in cities and destinations like Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt is the dining facilities and world class rated chefs that they keep in their kitchen, serving guests and treating their palates to exciting experiences. Chefs who work with world-class hotels have the opportunity to feed celebrities, rock stars, politicians and statesmen, and all sorts of famous people, giving them a taste of their signature dishes.

Spas And Body Wellness Operator

Like already referred to above, hotels hosts some of the best know spa houses, providing luxurious treatment and hospitality to guests on a vacation, honeymoon, or those who just want to relax from long periods of work. The advantage of attaching yourself to a hotel is, they spare no expense on the best machines, soaps, perfumes and body spices that you may need to treat your customers.

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Event Management

From wedding receptions to business seminars and conferences, hotels provide halls and conference venues for hosting a variety of events. As an event planner or an event management company you would be working with hotels to secure top notch venues for your events, in the long run, where the relationship builds you may find yourself getting more involved with other businesses with the hotels such as bringing over guests for a fee or a commission, or even a reduction of rates when you book a hall for an event.


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