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Don’t Shake The Baby – Doctor Warns

shake baby

Many of us have heard time and again, “Don’t shake a baby” However, this instruction …

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VIDEO: Ludacris’ Wife Makes Fufu Like A Professional


Eudoxie, the wife of a popular American rapper, Ludacris treated her kids to a meal …

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Contraception & Family Planning: The Difference, Methods

contraception Family Planning

We all use both words, Contraception and Family Planning interchangeably, but is there a difference?  …

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Shameful Thing A Mother Did With Her Son At A Beach


A mother has been arrested for allegedly trying to practice ‘sleeping with’ her 10-year-old son …

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25 Reasons Men Should Get Married Before 30

25 Reasons Men

25 Reasons Men Should Get Married Before 30 Many men believe they have to attain …

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My Father Is A Certified Idiotic Agbaya – Kemi Olunloyo

Idiotic Agbaya

Controversial Kemi Olunloyo just took to twitter to blast her father by calling him a …

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“I Admire You Deeply” – Ubi Franklin Writes Wife

Ubi Franklin

Ubi Franklin has a lot of emotions bottled up he is gradually releasing through open …

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Photos Of A Bride Without Make-Up Go Viral


A Ghanaian bride is the talk of the town after her no-make-up wedding photos went …

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8-Year-Old Girl Arrested For ‘Lesbianism’


-An 8-year-old Ugandan girl has been arrested on suspicion on ‘lesbianism’. -According to police, a …

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Stop Kissing Your Child On The Lips – Doctor Warns

kissing child lips

An American Female Doctor has sparked a fierce debate online after she suggested that parents …

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