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5 Killed, 40 Injured In London Terror Attack

London attack

At least 5 people were killed, including the attacker and a police officer, and 40 …

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Letter Bomb Explodes At IMF Paris Office

Letter Bomb

One person was injured after a letter bomb exploded at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) …

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Trump Imposes Fresh Ban On Six Islamic Nations


President Donald Trump of the US has signed a new executive order on immigration, placing a …

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Germany May Deport 12,000 Nigerians Next Year


More than 12,000 Nigerians may be deported from Germany in 2018. While 99 percent would …

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Anti-Mugabe, Pastor Evan Mawarire Arrested


-Evan Mawarire, the Zimbabwean pastor, accused last year of trying to overthrow President Robert Mugabe’s …

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92 Immigrants Deported From US To Africa

92 Immigrants

US president, Donald Trump’s vow to tighten US borders and deport illegal immigrants is already …

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Countries That Will No Longer Be Granted US Visa


Barely a week after the inauguration of Donald Trump as the president of the United …

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PHOTOS: World Protest Against Donald Trump’s Presidency

world protest

World protest: Hundreds of thousands of women and men today gathered for a global ‘solidarity’ …

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Donald Trump Takes Oath Of Office

Billionaire businessman and television personality, Donald Trump, has been sworn in as the 45th president …

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Senegalese Troops Break Into Gambia

Senegalese troops

In a move to oust Yahya Jammeh, who is refusing to quit his position as …

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