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The Battle Of Nigerian Cities: Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt

Affirm, which was a greater hit? Banky W’s Lagos Party or Duncan Mighty’s Port Harcourt Boy? Alright, don’t answer that. Be that as it may, see how no one ever sings about Abuja? Like there is no melody, no tune by any means that I know off that lauds and acclaims the city. Dead place, Perhaps, not by any means. Be that as it may, Abuja is truly exactly where lawmakers have set up predominance.

In any case, how about we quit fooling around for a bit and do a concentrated city correlation among these mainstream Nigerian urban communities every single astonishing spot to live and work with by their own privilege, yet when it comes down to the integral components, which urban areas have leverage over the other? There is dependably the topic of ‘amongst Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja which is more created?’ ‘Which is ideal to live in the middle of Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja?’ ‘What are the contrasts amongst them?’ What are the measurements and parameters we would utilize?

Populace Density – Ease of Transportation – lodgings, Restaurants, Pubs – Typical cost for basic items (Housing and cost of foodstuffs) – Business Opportunities and so on. 

  1. Populace Density


Without the assistance of insights, we know Lagos wins this one. That is to say, everybody from the town has conveyed their Ghana-must-go and come to Lagos. The city is packed and overburdened. Its foundation cannot hold up under the heaviness of its near 20 million individuals in its 1171 km square of land.

  • Lagos – 6871/km square
  • Abuja – 439/km square
  • Port Harcourt – 2726/km square
  1. Simplicity Of Transportation


BRT’s in Lagos with committed paths, Uber autos, and ferry transportation over the tidal lagoon.

However, regardless it has the absolute most crazy activity conditions on the planet. Abuja has a stunning street arrangement – wide paths and fewer measures of autos out and about contrasted with Lagos. No weak transports, Danfo’s and Molues either. Port Harcourt, on the other hand, has a genuinely decent street arrangement as well; less population density in this way, way less activity, as a result of a low number of business transport administrators, and it can take too ache for workers to get vehicles to their goals and there are disappointing pockets of movement in problem areas.

The Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja recorded a sum of 6,183, 603 travelers in 2012; while Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos had a sum of 6,879,286 travelers around the same time, and the Port Harcourt International Airport had 1,256,854 travelers around the same time.

  1. Lodgings, Restaurants, and Pubs 



credit: Sisiyemmie
credit: Sisiyemmie

Approve, so here is the thing that I did to decide the numbers for this. For Hotels in these urban areas, I just utilized an online inn booking stage to decide the quantity of lodging they have in their database. Really straight forward, as the numbers appear, Lagos has the most lodgings in the nation. I speculate they would be equaled just by Owerri, story for one more day. At that point for eateries and bars, I don’t have the foggiest idea about any organization that keeps a database of eateries and bars, so I just wrote Restaurants in Lagos in the Google look bar and the quantity of results that showed is taken for the prominence of the term. So, Lagos leads in its populace of Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, and Bars.

READ ALSOWhy Is Owerri Popular For Its Hotels?

However, in the event that you are the city jumping sort, you know which city you are probably going to have an inn, eatery or bar around you than anyplace else. Hold up, I ought to have done a look for Clubs, affirm, possibly do that without anyone else’s help and demonstrate to us your numbers.

  • Lagos – more than 1461 Hotels, 11m eateries, 401k Pubs, 17m Bars
  • Abuja – more than 412 Hotels, 459k eateries, 275k Pubs, 443 Bars
  • Port Harcourt – more than 296 Hotels, 394k, 391k Pubs, 352k Bars
  1. Average Cost For Basic Items 

abuja port harcourt

Houses in Abuja are costly as well as in Lagos, but not as costly as in Abuja.

The normal cost of leasing a 3-room-level in Abuja in view of my examination is N1,500,000. In Lagos, it is somewhat dubious particularly with the entire Island – Mainland division. Be that as it may, on the normal, 3-room-level on the Island goes for N8 Million. On the territory, the normal is N800, 000. In Port Harcourt, the normal is about the same with terrain Lagos at about N800, 000. Costs of sustenance, water, apparel, foodstuffs are all records in deciding typical cost for basic items, yet for accommodation and quickness, we can confirm that Abuja has a higher average cost for basic items than Port Harcourt and Lagos.

  1. Work And Business Opportunities 


Lagos has the most noteworthy grouping of Bank Head workplaces in the nation, and also a few different workplaces in various businesses. Port Harcourt has the most astounding centralization of Oil and Gas related organizations. While Abuja is for the most part government services and parastatals.

In any case, Lagos still records the most significant number of inner movement inside the nation.

Representing its swelling populace. Be that as it may, while the whole financial viewpoint won’t indicate the accessibility of employments, its numbers is sufficient to empower business people and brokers who exploit giving one administration or the other for its overflowing mass.

Hence, there you have it, our examination which we would abandon you to choose which is your most burning city to live in. Let us know in your comment.


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