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Congo Officials say at least a dozen people are dead amid protests which began Monday, over a proposed law that opposition groups fear will prolong the president’s time in power. (AP Photo/John Bompengo)

Congo Security Forces Killed 48 Protesters

Congo security forces had killed no fewer than 48 civilians in anti-government protest

Congolese state security services burned, shot, beat and hacked to death no fewer than 48 civilians and reportedly hired thugs to attack protests last month against the extension of President Joseph Kabila’s mandate, the United Nations (UN) said in a report on Friday.

The death toll of the 2 days of violence in the capital Kinshasa, which also included 4 police officers killed by protesters and 1 other civilian, was higher than during the 2011 electoral process, the United Nations Joint Human Rights Office in Congo (UNJHRO) said in a report by UN.

Democratic Republic of Congo’s government spokesperson and justice minister could not be immediately contacted for comment and a police spokesperson said he had not yet seen any report.

The government denied the report last week that on-duty security forces opened fire on protesters, who authorities say were conducting an armed insurrection. In its own report, it said 32 people, including 3 police officers, were killed by protesters or private security guards, or in accidents.


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