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Contraception & Family Planning: The Difference, Methods

We all use both words, Contraception and Family Planning interchangeably, but is there a difference?  Yes. There is.

Contraception is any means that prevents pregnancy. It is also known as birth control.

Family planning is more in-depth, with contraception as one part of it. It involves fertility, repeated visits to a centre, counselling, more permanent means of contraception, and even abortion.

Contraception/Birth Control

There are four main methods we will cover briefly.

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1. Natural Methods

Examples include the use of the Safe/unsafe period, Withdrawal (a.k.a “Pull out), Breastfeeding. These methods are not safe when used alone. It is best to combine them with other methods

2. Barrier Methods

These are the Male and female condoms, Diaphragm and Spermicides

3. Hormonal Methods

Oral contraceptives, Injectables, Implantable rods, Vaginal rings, Contraceptive patch, some Intra-Uterine Devices (IUD), Contraceptive sponges, Cervical caps, Emergency contraception (Postinor 2)

4. Sterilization

Vasectomy in men, female Tubal Ligation, and Sterilisation implant to block the fallopian tubes

There is no one single method which is best for everyone. Every individual will choose the best compatible method based on their circumstance, and possibly other medical conditions. It is best to consult with a doctor or family planning clinic so that you can get more information before deciding on a plan.

Meanwhile, did you know emergency contracept!on now works for up to 5days after intercourse? It is a short-term option that should not be abused. Choose a more permanent option if you want to remain on birth control.


Post Crdit: Dr. Kharis

Photo crdit: Modified from Community Health Center of Buffalo NY


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