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Good News! Full Cure For HIV-AIDS Discovered

British scientist Huffington have found a cure to HIV-AIDS. The researchers say it is not over yet, as a lot of experiments have to be done.

Emerging reports suggest that British scientists may be one step nearer towards finding a permanent cure for HIV-AIDS. Huffington Post reports that a 44-year-old social worker in London seems to be fully freed from the virus after going through an experimental therapy technique.

The man was first given a vaccine which helped his system detect infected cells, and then took Vorinostat, a drug which is often used in experimental cancer treatment trials. The Vorinostat then activates dormant infected cells that would ordinarily slip through the net allowing the body’s system to detect and kill every last infected cell.

In simple terms what this mixture of treatments does is take away the camouflage that allows HIV to stay hidden and then shine a spotlight on it allowing the immune system to clearly identify infected cells and kill them. The researchers have said that there’s an extremely long way to go before they begin throwing parties. For starters this is only one man in a trial that involves fifty people. All fifty will need to show similar responses to the treatment, and then even if they do they will need to be regularly tested for the next 5 years to make sure the virus has been fully eradicated.

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That said, this is promising news. For starters this method is basically a complex and aggressive form of drug therapy, far less invasive and complex as a way like gene editing. HIV could be a virus which attacks the immune system of the build, making it tougher for us to fight off even the mildest sicknesses like colds or coughs. There is presently no cure for HIV, however modern treatments enable those infected with it to go on to live an extended and healthy life. AIDS is the final stage of the HIV infection, it occurs when the body can no longer fight serious infections. Those who have been diagnosed with HIV early on will not go on to develop AIDS.


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