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Dammy Krane Tapjets Fraud

Dammy Krane: How Tapjets Uncovered Credit Card Fraud

Tapjets, the private jet service which Dammy Krane allegedly swindled, has revealed how the said fraud was uncovered.

Dammy Krane had paid Tapjets with a stolen credit card for their service, leading to his arrest in Miami on Friday.

Dammy Krane was arrested alongside Chukwuebuka his accomplice,

Mr Konstantin, the Head of Flight Safety and Security for Tapjets said “He (Dammy Krane) uses Samsung Galaxy 7, and messages did not come from that phone.

However, that same phone was used to place the online order with a credit card that does not belong to him.

Same phone was used to register multiple accounts trying to buy with different cards until one finally worked. However, names did not match to zip codes etc.”

The company revealed that Dammy’s accomplice, Chukwuebuka also tried to purchase a flight on another phone with yet another Credit card.

“Total of five cards in an hour till one worked. We are 100 percent confident that our app was on that phone and order was placed via T-Mobile network from a cell tower located in Miami area,” Konstantin continued.

“We have coordinates of cell tower and proof that they took a car from that area to Opalacka airport. That’s where the arrest took place.”

Tapjets said it is not proud about the incident, but it wants others to think twice before stealing from companies.

“Technology is very sophisticated and being an airline, we have access to the latest. I hope you can help in spreading the message that we are not on a witch hunt,” the official told Instablog.

Meanwhile, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has reacted to the arrest of Dammy Krane.

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