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Why Dating A Fat Woman Is The Best Thing Ever

Dating Fat women are the real deal. You can say that it is insensitive calling a woman with a lot of flesh, FAT and it is better when they are referred to as BIG.

The word FAT, however, drives the point home and I prefer using it in this article because it will communicate effectively.

Bigger women have their advantages and they are awesome people to date and hang around. They will laugh and smile a lot and that will make your day. This is why you should consider changing your taste.

Here are 5 reasons dating a fat woman is the best.

  1. They Are Charming And Easy

Fat women know very well that their looks will probably not arrest your attention like curvy smaller women. To solve this they will often appear sociable and charming hence will click with you in no time. Attitude is a word they leave with you to describe the other ladies with smaller figures.



  1. Fat Women Are Warm

Whichever way you understand the word ‘warm’ that is exactly what I mean. They are warm both emotionally and physically. They are welcoming and when cuddling one feels at ‘home’. Their warmth can turn you on anytime like the sun.

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  1. The Big Body Size Is Adventurous

The big physique gives you an interesting job; that of exploring her enormous body that is full of surprises every single day. You are likely to discover new beauty spots even under her balloon-like b0obs. You will also discover that they are good comforters because when you lie on their bosom, your problems tend to billow away like smoke.

IG: mideybigapple
IG: mideybigapple
  1. Most Of Them Enjoy Laughing

Every man loves seeing their woman laugh at their jokes even when they are not very funny. You can always think that they are full of laughing gas because triggering their laughter is the easiest thing in the world. That makes them fun to be around with.

Credit: Splash News
Credit: Splash News
  1. Fleshy w*t Sex

Sex with fat girls is wholesome because they are tangible due to their fleshy bodies. Their wells seldom go dry and when they are aroused they become juicy and jelly. Even though they get exhausted faster than smaller ladies, they are always willing to try out new stuff. As if that is not enough, her thunderous thighs cushion a man well when she is on top. The road to orgasm gets shorter than shortest in a no time.


Dating a Fat Woman is the real deal!!




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