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Donald Trump Prophecy

VIDEO: Donald Trump And End Time Bible Prophecy

Reactions of Donald Trump’s victory were mixed with protesters in many major cities rallying against him. They held songs up which read, “Not My President” and “racist” and some even compare him to Hitler. Some people are afraid of how Donald’s Trump’s policies will change America. Some fear that they would be trouble in the world as a result of his (Trump) fulfilled prophecy.

However, when Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election, he fulfilled multiple prophecies that have been spoken of him and the nation for decades, Revelation in the News hosts Sasha Volz and Zach Drew say.

“It really was a miracle moment that as much as we wanted it, it was still shocking,” Volz says.

America deserved Hillary Clinton and the consequences associated with her term in office, but God stepped in, the hosts say.

As America rapidly approaches events foretold in Daniel 7:1 and Revelation 13:1, “In God’s extreme mercy, He’s given us a reprieve,” Drew says.

But they say that mercy was incredibly prophetic. Watch the video to see how

Trump’s fulfilled End time Bible prophecy indicates that there would be fear and anger in the world, and that is what we see as a result of Trump’s election and also for various reasons in other countries. People are protesting and angry about his victory.

The Bible also indicates that Protestant America will work with the Vatican in order to enforce the mark of the beast, and what’s unique about Trump’s election is that both Protestants and Catholic gave him the majority of their vote. Not to mention, Donald Trump promised to give Evangelicals more voting power after he becomes president. Will this lead to Protestant America passing laws that enforce Sunday worship?

Jeremiah Johnson of Behold the Man Ministries in Lakeland, Florida, said last year that God had shown him during prayer that Trump was raised up like a Cyrus and would be “(God’s) trumpet to the people of America”

For those who believe that prophecy is a gift of the Spirit that continues to be in operation today, the presidential election was particularly noteworthy given its stunning outcome.

“In the last 20 to 30 years, we have not had a consistent prophetic voice within the Church,” said Wanda Alger, a staff writer with the Purcellville, Virginia-based Intercessors for America, in an interview with The Christian Post on Tuesday.

“It has been a lot of wannabes, a lot of people who are self-appointed prophets with no accountability,” she added.

“That was the challenge with this cycle. I knew from the beginning that this was one of the things that the Lord wanted to bring healing and adjustment to, specifically the prophetic arm of the ministry of the Church.”

“The fact is, a prophet is known by their fruit,” Alger asserted, adding that she believes God wanted to show his people two things during the 2016 presidential election.

“One was to humble a lot of people in the Church that have made the prophetic an idol,” she said.

“The second is that this next great outpouring of the Holy Spirit is going to be so outside the box of what we think, even as spiritual Christians, that we have to get outside our religious mindsets. I think this was the practice run in really learning to discern the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of the Lord.”


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