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Donald Trump Destroys Hillary Clinton In New York

Donald Trump slams Hillary Clinton foreign policy record and foundation donations

Prior to Trump speech on Wednesday 22, 2016 in New York, the Republican nominee tweeted:

It will be a ‘big speech’ to discuss the failed policies and bad judgment of Crooked Hillary Clinton,

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However, Donald Trump on Wednesday delivered attack on Hillary Clinton’s record as secretary of state, blaming the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate draining oppressive administrations of millions of dollars to the advantage of Clinton Foundation – while sleeping through her own “3 a.m. telephone call” as terrorists were killing four Americans in Libya, including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Speaking at his New York City hotel, Trump said Clinton “perfected the politics of personal profit” and “doesn’t have the temperament or the judgment to be president.”

He particularly took her and Bill Clinton to task for taking millions from Saudi Arabia and different countries that criminalize homosexuality.Donald Trump recommended Clinton as president would be influenced by all the lobbyists, CEOs and foreign governments who paid the Clintons to give speech throughout the years.

They totally own her and that will never, ever change,” he said.

Trump however, called Clinton a “world-class liar” and said “Lord have mercy on us” if she’s elected president.” He believes Clinton is the wrong candidate to be in the white-house.

The address served as a counterattack to Clinton’s speech a day prior in which she cautioned that Trump would send the nation’s economy into another recession.


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