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Facebook Tests Twitter-Like Feature To Highlight Posts

  • The new Twitter-like feature is being tested on some Android users, it appears
  • This provides more opportunities to comment without having to scroll down
  • It lists a few of your top friends’ posts in a single box on your Newsfeed
  • The Twitter-like feature appears to encourage people to talk to their friends more than before

Some people use Facebook communicate to their friends, whereas several users simply use the site to browse what is happening without interacting with others.

Now it appears the site is hoping to encourage friends to communicate to one another, with a brand new feature being tested by a get few users.

‘What friends are talking about’ is a feature in some News Feeds that lists some of your friends’ posts in a single box at the top of the feed.

Credit: Mashable

It’s like Twitter’s timeline where tweets from the friends you speak with most are featured importantly.

The social media website appears to be testing the feature on some android users, though it is not clear if this is simply in certain areas.

The feature collects posts from your friends and displays them below the ‘What friends are talking about’ section of the News Feed.

It shows friends’ updates in smaller chunks so users can see a lot of on their screen.

This means there are a lot of opportunities for users to comment on one thing without scrolling.

Credit: NurPhoto via Getty Images

This is not the first time Facebook has tested new features on little sample groups.

In June, the site unrolled a brand new version of the ‘Trending’ feature – which shows a listing of topics and hashtags that have recently spiked in popularity on Facebook – to some users.

The new version, which depends more heavily on an algorithm than human input, was then rolled out publically last week.

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Facebook employees’ in June announced in a blog post the company planned to create a series of changes to its news feed algorithm. The thought was that it would promote content posted by the friends and family of users.

‘The goal of news Feed is to indicate people the stories that are most relevant to them,’ Adam Mosseri, VP, Product Management at Facebook wrote in the post.

‘We are updating News Feed over the coming weeks in order that the things posted by the friends you care about are above in your News Feed,’ Lars Backstrom, Engineering Director said at the time.

It is not clear if the ‘What friends are talking about’ feature is related to these changes.

MailOnline has contacted Facebook about the new feature, but the company is yet to comment


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