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Freeze Replies A Boy On M*sturbat!on

A young man asked On Air Personality (OAP) Freeze if it is a sin to engage in m*sturbat!on or use of S3x toy if one wants to get S3xually satisfied.

Read the young man’s post below:


Freeze replies:

“This is one of the most difficult questions anyone has ever asked me. From the way the letter is constructed, you can see that the young man is not only intelligent and well educated, but he is also polite which indicates that his parents brought him up well. From his tone, I can see this is a genuine question that is bothering not only him but a multitude of other people, young and old, irrespective of their religious inclination.

The religious righteousness in me wanted to tell him that m*sturb@tion is a sin and must never be engaged in, but where does that leave the 46-year-old widow, who confided in me last year, that she had to buy a S3x toy because her husband died, leaving her with 6 children and no man wanted to marry her, and instead of jumping from one man to the other, she decided to please herself?

Or an unmarried man at 35, when I know it’s unhealthy, according to empirical research, not to empty your prostate regularly, as it predisposes men to prostate cancer later in life?

Marc Garnick, M.D., Editor in Chief of Harvard Medical School’s Annual Report on Prostate Diseases, says:

“Two relatively large studies of this question, reported in 2003 and 2004, yielded good news for S3xually active men: high ejaculation frequency seemed to protect against prostate cancer.”

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Ejaculations included S3x’ual intercourse, nocturnal emissions/m*sturbat!on. According to the study available at www.harvardprostateknowledge.org, the scientists found that men who ejaculated 21 or more times a month enjoyed a 33% lower risk of prostate cancer compared with men who reported four to seven ejaculations a month.”

Now, before that righteous Yahoo Boy, who you intend to give your January salary to, jumps up and starts calling m*sturbat!on a sin, let’s remember that Isaac married Rebecca when she was only 3 years old, according to research done by scholars, and the average marriage age for boys in biblical times, was around 13.

Furthermore, David had several wives and concubines, Solomon had 1000, Abraham 2 wives several concubines, Jacob 2 wives and their housegirls, so emptying the prostate wasn’t such a problem back then. And since in the times of Moses, Jacob, David and Solomon there was no DSTV and electricity, most people tended to entertain themselves in the other room.

However, with the peculiarities obtainable in today’s society, a 13-year-old boy is still in secondary school and won’t be eligible for marriage for another 12 years at least. I know people who are in their 40s and single and I am sorry but I can’t preach abstinence to them… And even if I try to, would they listen?

When the choice of having several S3.x partners presents itself against m*sturbat!on, I won’t pick several partners, instead, I will preach that m*sturbat!on, like alcohol, is extremely addictive and has its own side effects, so extreme caution should be exercised when the overcoming urge to relieve oneself from S3@x’ual ‘congi’ comes knocking on your door.

If you feel guilty about m*sturbat!on, which is normal, pray about it. God understands those feeling because he put them in you in the first place.

Also remember, your body is the temple of Christ, so you must protect it! You won’t want to open it up for different S3xual spirits or for prostate cancer.

I sincerely hope I answered his question well…



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