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Fresh Clash Between Fulani And Igbos In Enugu

An inter-ethnic clash in Gariki Market in Enugu state has resulted in the death of one Fulani man and an Igbo man which also resulted in the setting of a mosque ablaze.

Vanguard reports that the clash between the duo resulted in the death of one Ali, a Fulani man and Ifeanyi Ifeacho who is an Igbo man.

An eyewitness said Ali came from New Artisan market with a cow to slaughter in Gariki abattoir following the closure of New Artisan market by the Enugu State government earlier in the week.

There he asked Ifeanyi who worked as an attendant to slaughter the cow and subsequently paid N400 instead of the N500 that was charged in the market.

It was reported that Ifeanyi had asked for the rest of the money but the Fulani man refused and it degenerated into a heated fight.

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Ali subsequently pulled out a dagger and stabbed the Igbo man repeatedly until he slumped and died.

The Fulani man reportedly tried to flee but was intercepted by traders who beat him to death. Later angry Igbo people regrouped and set fire to mosque inside Gariki Market in the state.

The police spokesperson said: “Two persons were confirmed dead yesterday in the course of a clash between an easterner and a northerner over an alleged misunderstanding that arose between them at Gariki Awkunanaw market.”

Normalcy was returned to the market following the deployment of anti-riot police.



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