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Galaxy Note 7 Has The Greatest Camera Phone Ever



The Galaxy Note 7 is a stunning smartphone; with a world-class pocket camera.


At its core, the Note 7 is essentially a better Galaxy S7 Edge, and perhaps the best phone of 2016, with the best camera ever installed on a smartphone.

However, Galaxy Note 7 packs a giant, curved 5.7 inch quad-HD AMOLED screen onto a nearly bezel-free frame with a smaller footprint than iPhone 6s Plus. So, the best camera in phone-land and the best display in a single device.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone at this point that the Galaxy camera produces excellent images. Even in confusing situations, the Note 7 turns up high-contrast, color-perfect images. The Colours are rich, details are very sharp. And even in images like this, with a bright spot and deep shadows, the sensor is excellent, high-powered range retains plenty of noise-free detail.

The wide f/1.7 aperture on this camera, which helps it shoot in low light, also throws backgrounds beautifully out of focus when shooting nearby subjects. You can see the depth-of-focus recession in this shot.


And the bokeh effect, or texture of the out-of-focus regions of the image, just looks good. You could easily convince me this shot came from a Prime Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) lens costing huge amount.

Even when focused far away, the Note 7 shots are tack-sharp.


You can see how much detail the Galaxy camera captures; even at the edges of its wide-angle lens ,in this segment of the above shot blown up to full size.

Usually, the Galaxy camera is at its most magnificent  in low light.  Again, this is astonishingly high quality.


Even with a bright light shining in its eyes at night, probably the most toughest situation for any device, the Note 7 produces a color-accurate, clean image with plenty of shadow detail.



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