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Godaddy Acquires ‘ManageWP’ To Manage WordPress Sites

Popular web hosting company and domain registration, GoDaddy, declared September 6 that it has entered into an agreement to acquire and manage ‘ManageWP’, a WordPress website management tool.

ManageWP allows web designers and developers to manage multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard, no matter where they are hosted.

The platform includes website monitoring, backups, automated migration, publishing, deployment, client reporting and security features. Currently, ManageWP serves over 280,000 sites.

With a market share of nearly 60%, WordPress is the preferred web content management system on the world, according to W3Techs.com, an online technology survey website.

Despite its popularity, managing multiple WordPress sites is often difficult. Designers and developers have to bear in mind multiple usernames and passwords and conduct routine tasks like updates, backups, security, content publication and comment management on every website independently, and sometimes manually; a job which will take hours to accomplish.

In an interview with small Business Trends, Jeff King said, “We have over one-half million web professionals that use our GoDaddy Pro line of products and services,”

“Many of them told us that operating with WordPress are often a pain. They either tough it out or ignore it or use a tool like ManageWP.”

GoDaddy pro lets web developers and designers manage all their GoDaddy customers from one dashboard. By bringing ManageWP into the combination, pro customers currently have a way to manage all their WordPress sites in one place.

King said that the will to simplify website management and help pro customers build a continual revenue stream proven to be the primary motivators for acquiring ManageWP.

“Our goal is to assist web professionals save time in managing sites in order that they can build a bigger base of business,” he added.

“We talked to professionals who simply wanted to design a website and advance to the next. We felt they were missing a chance to create a recurring revenue stream for themselves. By simplifying ongoing website maintenance, they may succeed that goal.”

GoDaddy plans to supply ManageWP to pro customers free of charge and can even bundle in a number of its premium features as a part of the package at no extra cost.


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