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Google Trains 500,000 Africans With Digital Skills

The World’s largest search engine, Google has trained no fewer than 500,000 Africans on digital skills, 6 months after announcing the plan to train 1 million people from the world.

Google training has enabled them to create jobs, build businesses and boost economic growth across the continent.

A journalism graduate from Nigeria, Vanessa Morris had never heard about the term ‘digital marketing’ before she was invited to one of the digital skills courses by a friend.


Vanessa decided to pursue a career in digital marketing after the training and has since taken up a social media manager job with a top production company in Nigeria.

In Vanessa’s words, “the best thing about this is that I now earn a lot more money doing a job that I really love.”

Several People across Africa are thirsty to explore how to take better advantage of the internet and the opportunities it offers but frameworks that provide digital skills training on the continent are few and far between.

For people who are unable to attend face-to-face training sessions and who want to acquire digital skills in their own time from their own computer or phone, a new Digital Skills Africa online portal is being launched.

The portal contains 89 online lessons on a wide range of digital subjects including social media management, web analytics and mobile marketing.


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