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How Men Lie To Women about Sex in Bed

Some relationships are genuine, while others are built on pure lies and increased lust because of the physical appearance of an individual. Men are known to pursue what they see and what they get impressed with. The first impression that a woman gives a man physically determines what the man wants from the lady. Ladies are known to be attracted by characters in men. They are at times tempted to break tradition by pursuing the man of their choice probably because the guy is hesitant to make the move.

But this, in most cases, leads to problems. They say a man must make the pursuit if at all you want to be in a long-lasting relationship.

But this, again, does not mean that lies will not be told between the lovers. However, the most traded lies in relationships today come when two lovers are in bed, making love.

Well, let’s look at 10 lies that men tell about sex when they want it from their partners.

  1. I Love You

This is no doubt the b!ggest lie men tell women in bed. You will realize that everybody loves everything when they are about to cum. A man will tell a woman how they love them even when he is pretty sure he does not mean what he says.

  1. I Have Not Slept With Many Ladies

No man will ever admit he slept with A, B, C, or D. Instead, he will make it clear that he only dated B, but they broke up after realizing she was a cheat. After all you wouldn’t want to hear all those names being mentioned.

  1. My Ex Cheated On Me

If you expect Richard to tell you that he was dumped by Julia because he was found cheating, you are in for a big shock. Very few men admit that they were dumped because they were caught cheating. Otherwise, majority of men almost always accuse their ex-girlfriends of being unfaithful and promiscuous.

  1. I Am Allergic To Condoms

Most men prefer it raw. In fact, almost every man likes it raw with their partner. Although, this is arguable.  An honest guy will tell you that it sucks when you buy a sweet and try to eat it with its wrapping. For those who don’t mind getting HIV, STDs, STIs and impregnating ladies carelessly they will always lie that they are allergic to condoms. Only few men are genuine on this.

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  1. This Has Never Happened To Me Before

It is a common phrase used by men in two different instances. It could be when something embarrassing has happened to him or when he wants to lie to you that you are the first person to take him to cloud 9. Men always try to defend themselves when they realize they have failed to live up to a woman’s expectations in bed.

  1. I Don’t Use and Dump

A man will tell you that he is here to stay with you. He will always fantasize how he will marry you. This, however, happens just to tastes the forbidden fruit. Once he has his way, he realizes it was just lust. His affection diminishes gradually. Then you realize he never meant all he said.

  1. I Usually Last Much Longer

This is a defensive tact of men who have failed to satisfy women’s sexual desires. They will want to say that something wrong has happened and that is why they cannot last longer at the moment.

  1. I Don’t Even Like Blowjobs

Very few men admit that they love blowjobs. Majority of them will deny that they are not fans of it. But ask yourself, why is he even discussing it in the first place? He definitely wants you to do it. Often times, it is ladies who dismiss blowjobs actually. Most men enjoy them but want to look like saints when they are chasing a new catch.

  1. I’m Generous between the Sheets

A man will always try to convince a woman on how understanding they are when having sex. He will tell you he is too caring not to hurt, his game is on top of the world and that is why he tops the charts and of course he will tell he means good for you. In short, he will always try to win your heart to have his way.

  1. I’m Not a Virgin

This could be true, but not when you start narrating to her how you are not a virgin even before she has asked you. This shows you are a big liar. Resorting to self defense before you are called to is an indication that you are a liar and you don’t mean well for this lady.


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