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Christmas tips

Some Health Tips This Christmas

Christmas is a special time for many of us. For some it is a time to meet up with relatives, and others, it is time to bring out or indulge in food and drinks. Whatever works for you is fine but these few tips will make it even better.

1. Don’t Break The Bank

The economy is great right now so learn to plan and stick with your budget. Avoid the mental stress

2. Pick What You Eat

Don’t eat everything and do not everywhere. Be mindful of your calories as well as hygiene

3. Don’t Store Food In Plastic Containers When Hot

When you make bulk food, don’t store in plastic containers when hot. Choose a food warmer with stainless steel on the inside. If you must use plastic, allow food to cool properly before transfering

4. Serve Foods In The Larger Bowls

The larger the bowl, the less it can be well preserved in the fridge. Dish out and serve foods in the larger bowls before emptying the smaller ones.

5. Plan Your Meals

Instead of having fruit salads and then juice, hand out smoothie cups. You can make your smoothies first thing in the morning, bottle them and allow sitting on ice.

6. Focus On The Reason For The Season

Allow yourself to enjoy the time with family and not just the food and presents. The relaxation is good for your brain.

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