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Herbal Concoctions

Herbal Concoctions: You Need To Read This

The feedback I receive from people who are taking “natural remedies” or “herbal concoctions” to cure their ailments is becoming very alarming. I’m not sure if you already know, but you are setting up your liver and kidneys to fail. It may not happen immediately but you open the door when you ingest something you have no idea about.

I know our grandmothers and ancestors survived on them but I have seen kidneys fail with no other explanation; livers damaged; the worst, an innocent baby die. I know it worked for “Baba Ibadan”, but please remember you have totally different genetics, immune capabilities, and tolerance for toxins.

I truly believe that herbs are medicinal. This is one of the reasons I’m an advocate of food spices but that is where it stops.


These concoctions do not have the reputation of having been processed rightly. You may be ingesting the right herbs but at what dose? Who studied the side or adverse effects? How is the medicinal component being extracted? How long do you have to use it to achieve a complete treatment regimen? Plants are food. Many are also poison.

The practice of ingesting herbal concoctions in pregnancy, malaria, Staphylococcal infection/internal heat, typhoid, bowel cleansing, pneumonia, watery sperm, gonorrhea, etc., must stop. Don’t set yourself or loved ones up! Please do things right.

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culled from: Dr. Kharis’ Article


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