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Credit: Andrew Zaeh | ZAEH, LLC

Husband Divorces Wife for Calling Artiste’s Name During Sex

A wife has lost her husband in Uganda after she screamed popular artiste’s name during sex

The artiste posted the story on Instagram after it appeared in a Ugandan newspaper.

A woman has been divorced by her husband in Uganda after she called him (husband) Jose Chameleone during sex.

The story has gone viral in Uganda after the man swore to leave his wife after she screamed the Ugandan AfroBeat artiste (Valu Valu) singer’s name.

Meanwhile, Chameleone, felt respected and took a snapshot of the story that made it to a Ugandan local newspaper.

He captioned the photo. “Husband sends away wife for calling him Chameleone during sex,” 

Recently, the Ugandan singer worked with Elani for their collaboration “My Darling”, a love song that showcases the challenges, love, and misunderstandings that love sometimes brings.


News Source: tuko.co.ke, gistsstack news

Images credit: Andrew Zaeh | ZAEH, LLC  (Jose Chameleone) twitter/jchameleone


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