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How To Make Internet Connection Fast On Android Smartphone

Apart from freezing OS, one of the things that really annoy android smartphone users is slow Internet. Although, often times our network operators are to blame but we can also do our own little part to avoid getting worried about how slow our phone is in browsing.

Below are 6 tips that you can use to boost your Internet speed.

1. Check The Browser Cache On Your Phone

android smartphone

If your phone Internet speed is getting slow and you don’t know how to make it faster, start by clearing the browser cache on your smartphone. Most times, the internet speed on your phone becomes slow when the cache after accessing various websites and downloading the different apps on the phone becomes full.

2. Select Network Connection to 3G

android smartphone

4G and 3G connections are faster than GSM and 2G networks. Some devices automatically turn off their 3G services so you need to turn it on again.To speed up your data connection speed, you need to change your preferred network connection to 3G, WCDMA or 4G instead of GSM or 2G.Although, this option might drain your battery.

3. Uninstall Unnecessary Applications

Check your apps list and uninstall apps that are not too important for you. The presence of many useless apps in your smartphone will definitely lower the performance of the phone in terms of speed and Internet connection.

Enable Text only Mode in the Browser

If you don’t necessarily need images while browsing and you only need texts for browsing, then you can enable text mode in the browser you’re using. This can be done by disabling the images in the browser.

5. Close All Background-Running Apps

android smartphone

Close all applications that you are currently not using. Alternatively, you can always Force stop an app.

6. Select a Faster Web Browser for Your Android Phone

The web browser you’re using plays a major role in enhancing the overall internet connection speed in your phone. You can try out Opera Mini, UC Browser, Google Chrome and Puffin Browser.


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