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Majid Michel

Why We kill Each Other – Majid Michel

  • Ghanaian movie star, Majid Michel,has aired his view on the recent spate of killings worldwide.
  • According to him, hatred, ignorance and racism are the factors behind the brutal killings.

On his page Instagram @majidmichel, the Ghollywood icon wrote: “We hate because we learn to hate. We hate because we are ignorant. We are the product of ignorant people who have learned a ignorant thing, which is that there are 4 or 5 different races. There are no 4 or 5 different races, there is only one race on the face of the earth, and we are all members of that race. ‘The.Human race’.

“But we separated the people into races so that some of us can see ourselves as superior to others. We thought it would work, I guess it did not work. It has been bad for everybody “.

“So it’s time to get out of this business. There is no gene for racism, no intolerance gene, you are not born intolerant, you must learn to be intolerant and everything you learn, you can unlearn and it’s time to unlearn our intolerance.

“The ignorance of thinking that you are better.or worse than someone else, because of the amount of pigment in the skin. Pigmentation in your skin has nothing to do with.intelligence; neither does it have to do with your value as a human being. It’s time to get over that. “

Majid.Michel, is one of Ghanaian actors who entered the film industry during the period when Frank Rajah Arase signed a contract with Abdul Salam Mumuni of Venus Films, Ghana. The contract mainly involved the introduction of Ghanaian actors in the mainstream film industry Nollywood and making them have a star power comparable to Nigerian actors.


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