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Warning! This Type of Soap Could Affect Your Erection

Most men with erectile dysfunction or poor erection have probably never stopped to think that the type of soap they use could be the cause.

The truth is that common chemicals in much anti-bacterial soap may affect your ability to produce or maintain Erection.

One of the main chemicals used in antibacterial soap is Triclosan. Read more about Triclosan

It is mainly absorbed through the skin, soap, body washes and lotions or through the mouth lining;from toothpaste or foods are exposed to the chemical.

However, research also indicated that it could affect the operation of the hormone in the human body.

Research also suggested that exposure to Triclosan may affect certain hormone levels. The study exposed rats to Triclosan at a concentration of 5ml/100g body weight. The rats exposed to Triclosan had Testosterone levels significantly lower than the control group.

Another study showed that exposure to Triclosan over a period of 60 days resulted in decrease in sperm production.

Testosterone is the main male Sex hormone and is responsible for Sexual function. Low testosterone levels can have some effects on a man. Some symptoms are sleep disorders, irritability, depression, low muscle tone and increased body fat, especially around the stomach. It can also result in a lower Sex drive, shrinking testicles, producing abnormal sperm and erectile dysfunction.



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