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Jumia Opens Black Friday Sales 2016

Jumia, E- commerce giant has already begun a 12-day discount event, known as Black Friday starting on Monday 14 November with different offers on different days. For instance, the price for men’s clothes and products are slashed on November 16, while women’s apparel drops down on November 23.

Nigerians have really felt the recession in the country’s economy stemming from a lot of circumstances. In spite of the plummeting economy, Nigerians will be fully involved and participate in large numbers.

Thankfully, there are more days and with Jumia so you have no worries.

Here are 3 ways to get the most out of Jumia Black Friday 2016.

This year’s Black Friday is for 12 Days! Amazing right? It starts from the 14th of November to the 25th of November and every day at midnight, a new category of products and Black Friday sales will be unlocked.

For more deals, you can click here to check out Jum!a website from November 14-25th for amazing Black Fr!day deals.

Are there products you really need to get? If yes, then you really need to Check the Jumia Black Friday calendar and mark the days when your choice products will be unlocked. Each day is just for a particular category of products, so the calendar is very important so that you’ll know when that phone or freezer is up for grabs.

The Categories For This Week Are:

Monday: Home Day

Tuesday: Bundles Day

Wednesday: Men’s day

Thursday: Women’s day

Friday: Accessories

Saturday: Kid’s day

Sunday: Family day

Time is of the essence so you have to be fast. Shop early and quickly so you won’t miss out. You are not to the only one targeting a product. But in case you miss a sale, you can sign up to get notified when the product is back in stock

As Icing to the cake, there’s free delivery during this year’s Jumia Black Friday, eligible on small and medium-sized items shipping to Abuja, Lagos, and Ibadan.




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