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Young Lady Begs For Job Besides Busy Highway

Many people were filled with emotions after a young pretty lady took to the streets to beg for a job to whoever might be willing to assist her with a Job.

A photo of a Kenyan young woman has been circulating rounds on social media after she went roadside of a busy highway with a placard asking for employment.


According to TUKO, she is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) graduate.

This comes after another, now a famous man, Patrick Muthomi, stood on Muthaiga Road on a Wednesday morning with a placard asking for employment.


Patrick Muthomi

He was also a graduate of CPA.

Less than a month after his stunt, the 28-year-old Chuka University graduate was employed at Chandaria industries as an accountant.

We wish her all the best in job-hunting.


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