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Mark Zuckerberg’s Visit: See How Nigerians Blast CNN

Mark zuckerberg the world’s No.5 richest man came into Nigeria for the first time and was spotted trekking on the streets of Yaba in Lagos, yesterday.

The Facebook founder visited Nigeria for the first time, touching down in Lagos. He met with local businesses and developers in an effort to understand how Facebook could “better support technology development and entrepreneurship across Africa,”

Mr. Zuckerberg also met with Nigerian talented web application developer, Aiyewa Tughu at his ‘Genii Games’ office in Yaba, Lagos, to check out his work on animated Series.

He also visited Andela web developers and the Co-Creation Hub in Yaba

Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to Nigeria was not only covered by  Nigerian media but foreign media as well, including CNN.

However, CNN Africa in its report on twitter didn’t specify the Sub-Saharan country Mark Zuckerberg is visiting and the action did not go down well with some Nigerians.

See some Nigerians reactions after CNN report…


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