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Meet Nigeria’s Youngest Creative Inventor

Some of the greatest inventors in the world like Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, The Write Brothers etc. have contributed to changing the world one way or another, and we think we have found our own Nigerian scientific inventor.

Meet the youngest inventor in Nigeria Timilehin Daomi that created a vacuum cleaner, a water fountain, a pumping machine among many other things using scrap materials such as pipes, bottles Cups, etc.


Timilehin said in his chat with BattaBox presenter Odunayo “Before doing anything, I draw the plan,”

Odunayo spoke to his father Barrister Daomi about the creativity of his son and how he discovered he was a scientist in his house.

I wanted my children to be lawyers,” said the father of Timilehin “I discovered that he started spoiling things,” he continues

Timilehin also shows how his inventions work, and what he used to make them.

This is interesting, I’m really surprised,” exclaims Odunayo as Timilehin shows him all the things he built.

We believe Timilehin is a star waiting to shine.

Watch the video below:




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