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I Do What I Need To Do To Survive – Moesha

Sexy, Ghanaian (rising) actress, Moesha Boduong poured her heart to her critics this morning on her Instagram page over her lifestyle. 




Moesha who thinks society sees her differently from how she sees herself said in her post on her Instagram page that she was a lone-ranger who hustles her way through life and stardom; that no one can judge her especially when they do not know how she survives.

Moesha, stated further in her post that she hasn’t been the most privileged in life but she tries beyond all expectations to be counted in life.

she has featured in movies such as Pool Party, Bloodline, Grey Dawn, Rape Case, Amakye and Dede, Cocoa Brown TV series among others. She attended the University of Ghana.

Read her full Story below:

I AM MADE OF PLASTIC AND GOLD Plastic is and was never regarded as anything of value, and that's how you see me, but fortunately, that's just how "YOU" see me. I'm not trying to change your opinion of me. We are on the same boat, I'm just trying to make my stern sail. In my perspective, I see beyond that. I see way beyond that plastic rubber society chooses to see. I see GOLD. Gold that has been underrated, overlooked, belittled, ridiculed, lampooned, for just being itself, which is GOLD. I would like to think of myself as authentic, a rare kind of gold. One that fights her battles on her own, one that rejects the name tag given to her by society, one that creates her own path in this journey we all call life, someone who asserts the true meaning of the word 'hustle in whatever she does. That's the only choice I had, to hustle. I was never the smartest , neither was I the prettiest nor the funniest, but, with all that self hate there had to be some self love to be found with me. I ached, I isolated myself, I felt hurt, until I found the gold from within. It took me a lifetime to know, accept and love myself. I do what I need to do to survive. How many doctors would genuinely wake up every single day to work , without being awarded with a five figure cheque? How many lawyers would battle for true justice, without money being the motive? Who are you to judge? Haters don't stop now you make me stronger, supporters I'm overwhelmed I promise to last longer. #Cc Moesha boduong writes # a little piece from me #this is really deep from heart 😊hope you like it #

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