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Buhari: Nigeria Will Be Among Top 100 Countries By 2019

President Buhari said this on Sunday while speaking at a plenary session on ‘Dialogue with the private Sector’ at the 6th Tokyo International Conference for African Development (TICAD VI) in Nairobi, Kenya.

He said at the session, attended by Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, that many African leaders and international business executives, that his administration’s objective and vision is to make Nigeria one among the highest investment destinations worldwide within the shortest attainable time.

At the session, the President Buhari added that his administration was implementing measures and policies to create the proper and enabling environment for business and investors in Nigeria.

We are committed to moving up the ranking of the World Bank’s ease of doing business index 20 places in first year and be in the top a hundred within subsequent 3 years,” he stated.

We believe government has a specific responsibility to make right and attractive environment for businesses and economic activities to thrive.

Furthermore, “in this vision we have launched the Presidential enabling environment Council, PEEC and Inter-Ministerial Council to manage the efforts of government to get rid of various bottlenecks that suppress economic and business activities and thereby create economic activities and the right enabling environment and investment climate in Nigeria

The secretariat will include robust private sector representation that would be led by experienced business professionals from the private sector.” he said

The latest World Bank’s report on Doing Business in 2016 has placed Nigeria at 169 among 189 countries in its ease of doing business ranking.


This position has improved compared to last year’s ranking which placed the country at 170.

The rankings which are benchmarked to June, 2015 are based on the average of every economy’s Distance to Frontier (DTF) scores for the 10 topics enclosed in this year’s aggregate ranking.

SOURCE: thecableng


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