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Nigerian Celebrities Under Pressure to Marry

In Nigeria, it is expected that once a man or woman gets to certain age, he or she ought to move away from beneath the roof of the parents or from being single to tying the knot. Even the Holy bible advice in Matthew 19:5. No wonder celebrities are under pressure because marriage is seen as a big deal in this a part of the world.

However, some Nigerian celebrities are usually terrified at the mention of the word ‘marriage.’ many of them fear that they would lose their fans if they hit the altar.

On this note, we tend to take a glance at some of the Nigerian celebs that are under pressure by their fans, friends and family to get married.

Linda Ikeji


Linda Ikeji has more often been ridiculed by her fans for her marital status. The 35-year- old female Nigerian blogger and entrepreneur who was recently with Chirgul and publisher of Genevieve Magazine, Betty Irabor affirms that she’s not under pressure to marry.

“Marriage isn’t an achievement. There is so much more to life than being someone’s spouse. get married please, but don’t be pressured into it. I don’t know how many of you single women are under pressure to get married but i am. Pressure from family, friends and other people who just can’t mind their business.

“The pressure is so intense right now I feel like going to husband market – if there’s any such thing- to buy myself some breathing space. give me a break you people.” She said



Sensational singer; Banky W has everything that makes an eligible bachelor, but it appears the 35-year-old brother is finding it tough to find a soul mate, or maybe he has, but has cold feet concerning walking down marriage altar.

He is constantly bugged concerning his marital status, and he was recently forced to pen an open letter on his Instagram page where he disclosed that he is single and searching, but hasn’t been lucky nonetheless. The letter reads in part, ‘These days, I can’t even post ‘Good Morning’ on social media, without someone saying yes, but it will be a much better morning once you marry. By God’s grace, we are going to get there, and we will settle down with the right person, and live happily ever after.



Don Jazzy’s name has become nearly similar with bachelorhood in the music industry. The question on everybody’s lips is when will the 33-year-old gifted hit-maker get married? The Mavin Records boss best-known for his legendary crush on Rihanna is also always talking about a certain Onome whom he says he will prefer to get married to. However, we tend to don’t understand if Onome actually exists, or she is simply a figment of the Don’s imagination. In the course of his career, no woman has ever been connected to Don Jazzy.



We don’t know which more is: the pressure on Adekunle Gold by fans? The one he mounts on himself? One thing we do know is that Adekunle ‘desperately’ needs to get married.

He is usually singing about marriage in most of his songs. In his breakthrough song, ‘Sade,’ he disclosed that his parents are bugging him about a grand-child for long. In ‘Pick Up’ he begged God to provide him a wife because he wants to get married. In the song, ‘Ready’ he also affirms that he is desirous to find a woman.



The 41-year-old Imo state born, Rita Uchenna Nkem Dominic is regarded as one among the foremost beautiful and trendy women in the industry. However, for each compliment she gets on her beauty and dress-sense, she gets more queries and pressure on when she’s going to be signing the dotted lines.

Whenever she posts something on social media, her followers bombard her with comments on her marital status. Many of her fans constantly bug her to get married, with some even suggesting that she ought to at least get pregnant because her biological clock is ticking.



Genevieve Nnaji is widely referred to as the Queen of Nollywood. She is also under enormous pressure to have a king by her side. Many of her fans want to see her marry, and they don’t hesitate to rub it in her face. Her social media pages are jam-packed with messages from fans who ask when she’s going to be getting married.



D’ Banj, aka The ‘Koko master’ is undisputedly one of the foremost eligible bachelors in the country. it is therefore not surprising that many will offer an arm and a leg to get married to him. Perhaps, that’s why he has such a tough time choosing one of them.

The 35-year-old popstar recently admitted that his mum has been on his neck to get married, and his fans also are not giving him a breathing space as regards his status.

Osita Iheme AMVCA Red Carpet


Osita Iheme (Pawpaw) could be small in stature, but his achievements in the movie industry are enomous. The comedy actor has appeared in over 300 movies, and he is indisputably a fan-favourite. He is typically paired with his friend, Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki) in movies where they often play the roles of troublesome kids as a result of their height. His fans have constantly been bugging him to get married particularly because Aki got married about four years ago, and that they expect Pawpaw to also imitate.



Empress Njamah is another actress who is under serious pressure from her fans to get married. However, it seems the outspoken role-interpreter isn’t interested. She once stated in an interview, ‘Marriage is not the issue on my mind right now. I cannot marry my colleague; it would be boring living in the same house with somebody who is aware of your job likewise your income. Should you be more popular or get richer than the man, then you are in trouble as this might be dangerous’



Lagos State born On-Air-Personality (OAP), Olisa Adibua, is referred to as a ‘veteran bachelor’ by colleagues in the industry. At nearly 50 years old, Adibua has never been married, and he is typically bombarded with calls by fans to get married. But he says he’s married to his work.


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