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Synagogue Church Of All Nations/ Photo: Efosa Osagie

Nigerian Deportees Receive Cash Gift At Synagogue

When no fewer than 154 Nigerians were deported from Libya on October 9, 2016, some rushed to the Synagogue church of all nations (SCOAN), Lagos having arrived at the Lagos International airport to seek help.

Upon arrival at the SCOAN, they were welcomed by Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Team. They were provided with accommodation, feeding, transportation, and medical care. All these is to the tune of 2.4million naira.

Osama Osifo, one of the deportees narrating his story
Osama Osifo, one of the deportees narrating his story

In addition, after narrating their stories during Sunday Live service at the Synagogue church, they were blessed with 2 bags of rice each and cash gift of N150, 000, while some received N300, 000 each.

The Total sum by T.B Joshua and Emmanuel TV partners spent so far on the deportees from Libya is to the tune of N10million naira

Listen to the audio as one of them narrates her story


Most of us hope to get a better life outside Nigeria, but we fail to realize that it is where God wants us to make it that we can make, and not where we want to make it or where we admire. The problem of a man is not in a country, but himself.

Often times, it is not the job you admire most that is often your destined job. But the one you do not admire which may turn out to be your destined job.

This is food for thought for our parents because most of them believe that traveling outside the country is success and breakthrough.

Before sending your children abroad, you must have a thorough basis for that. It is not too late if you have sent your children overseas through illegal means or without thorough basis. You can tell them to come back.


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