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Why Ladies Hide Their ‘Last Seen’ On Whatsapp

Social media has been the cause of many breakups in Nigeria today. The Whatsapp platform, in particular, has been number one in causing painful endings in most relationships.

Some people argue that women are their own worst enemies when they decide to invite men into their lives by dishing out their numbers and social media handles.

So why do women end up hiding their ‘last seen’ especially on Whatsapp? Here are some reasons:

To Spare Some Men

Some ladies are funny. They will hide their social media statuses so that the men they are disinterested in do not feel ignored.

To Avoid Stalkers

Some men don’t know when to quit, so when they see a lady is pretty active on whatsapp, they will make a point of pulling moves to bag her at the end of the day. Strangely, you can’t hide your ‘online’ status.

Not In A Chatting Mood

Contrary to what many people believe, ladies also get tired of constantly nibbling on their phones chatting with a guy after guy. This is probably why they ‘switch off’ at times so they can take a break from all the drama.


At times, a lady just wants to isolate herself as a friendship test for the true ones. She will, therefore, hide her last seen, profile picture and status in order to see how many texts she will receive.

It’s Easier To Cheat That Way

In the game of love, there is usually no clear winner. Men use hotel rooms and numerous resources to run their affairs. For women, it’s as easy as hiding the last time you talked to any man. That is likely to buy some time as she regroups her strategies.


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