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Nigerians Are Hyping Economic Recession – Okorocha

While taking part in host to a Nigerian Defence Academy delegation, Imo state governor, Rochas Okorocha said that Nigerians were dramatizing the country’s economic situation.

“I suppose what we call recession has been over dramatised. I say so because agriculture had remained Nigeria’s main pivot upon which all the sectors of our economy revolve. Because this very important sector has been neglected, it has given rise to poverty these days, including the rise in the dollar and also the fall of the Naira”.

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Most times in Nigeria, we treat the symptoms instead of the sickness. Let us discuss more concerning the sickness, which is the total neglect of the agricultural sector of the nation’s economy by our past leaders”. The governor recalled that agriculture sustained the nation before the inception of oil.

“At that time, we were a rich nation. Oil made us lazy. This has led us into this recession. Imo State is keying into the improvement of the agricultural sector. We have gone deep in our palm plantation and we are moving rapidly into rice farming” the governor said.


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