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NYSC: N10, 500 Can’t Buy Quality Kits – Spokesperson

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is desperately in need of funds and resources to buy quality kits, Bose Aderebigbe, director of media and publicity, has disclosed.

Aderibigbe said N10, 500, budgeted by the govt., is no longer enough for the whole set of kits for each corp member in the NYSC.

In an interview with THE GUARDIAN, Aderibigbe said while the situation is not hopeless, the corps will keep appealing to the federal government for necessary funds.

She further disclosed that out of the 260, 000 corp members to be mobilised this year, 70,000 are still being kept waiting.

“This year for example, since the federal government does not want a scenario where youths who are through with tertiary education hang out longer than necessary before having their chance to serve, we were given 260, 000 corps members to mobilise.

“So far, we are left with about 70, 000. Once the current set leaves in October or thereabouts, this outstanding are going to be taken care of for the year. this is not a hopeless situation as people are made to believe.

“It should be noted that after the federal government gives us the figure to mobilise for a specific year, they back it up with funds to take care of that number. we are in need of lots of funds to ease our operations, however we will still cry to the government till matters improves.

“As we speak, all thirty seven orientation camps have boreholes that take care of their water needs. The battle to make the camps spick and span took a distinct dimension under the immediate past Director General, Brig General Johnson Olawumi, who went the extra mile to make sure that there were adequate facilities in camps.

“In those days, when the NYSC visits state governors, we usually went with copies of the laws setting us up. and we always let the governors to understand that state governments have a obligation to produce facilities at these camps. Of course, in this direction, some state governments performed respectably well.

“When i was a state coordinator, I remember former Governor of Oyo State, Alao Akala providing the NYSC with a large Mikano generator. Former Governor Martins Elechi, of Ebonyi State, also gave NYSC in the state 3 Mikano generating sets, and Governor Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo State, also gave NYSC in the state a power generating set.

“Right now, through the instrumentality of the NYSC, and a few state governments, all orientation camps in the state have power generating sets to take care of their power needs.”

“General Olawunmi would even go straight to check what the toilets look like on visiting an orientation camp. Thereafter, he would move to the kitchen to examine the conditions, taste the meals, look at the sizes of meats and fishes given to corps members, and make sure that things were generally done the proper way.

“He also ensured that more rest room facilities, together with mobile toilets were put in place for the convenience of corps members. the good thing in all of these is that all these steps the current DG, Brig. General Sule Zakari Kazaure, I also taking in a bid to lift the scheme higher.”

“The sum of N10, 500 is budgeted by the federal government for the whole set of kits for every corps member. This includes a pair of khaki; 2 white vests; one crested vest; 2 pairs of shorts; a fez cap; a pair of canvass and a pair of jungle boots. In Nigeria these days, we all know that this amount is incapable of buying the topmost quality of all of these.” he added.


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