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How Open Relationship Destroyed My Marriage

Open marriages or relationships for some are the functional glue that holds a union together. For others, they are the key factor that destroys marriages. Non-monogamous marriages remain quite uncommon, even in today’s world, but people just can’t seem to stop talking about them.
Today, i share with you the story of a woman who open relationship ruined her marriage.

 Her Story…

My husband and i were having marital issues and most significantly sex and infidelity. However, we agreed to have an open relationship for a year and told each other whom we were seeing. At first, everything appeared fine. The open relationship idea was working and that we wouldn’t have to worry regarding cheating on each other.

At some point, we engage in threesomes in the name of exploring our marriage before we were too old. All this brought my husband and i closer and i was happy that infidelity issues had stopped. I didn’t have to worry regarding where he was or what he was doing.

A year later, we decided to end the open relationship plan, thinking everything was going to be fine. My husband was no longer interested in me. We did not make love at all and this was killing me silently.

After few weeks I asked him if we could see a marriage counselor. He shut me down. He told me that he had met someone else during the open relationship period and that he had planned to move in with the woman.

At first, i thought he was joking just to get my attention, but that was not the case. He had fallen in love with another woman and it was entirely my fault. He even had the courage to introduce me to the woman and said he was going to marry her.

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We got divorced a month later and I’m blaming myself for destroying my marriage. It really hurts because all I wished was to bring my husband closer but instead, I pushed him away to another woman.

I have heard a lot of people say that they want to have an open relationship with their spouses. That is something i wouldn’t advice. Women make sure you don’t push your better half away in the name of making an attempt to please him. My marriage was wrecked as a result of an open relationship plan and so will your relationship.


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