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Your Cell Phone May Be The Dirtiest Thing You Ever Touch

If I asked, “What’s the dirtiest thing you come in contact with daily?” You would probably say “The toilet.”  – But you would be wrong.

Your cell phone is one of the dirtiest things you may come in contact with, daily. It has been proven that phones carry a high load of bacteria, fungi and viruses. To make matters worse, we are constantly holding or touching our phones!

Remember, toilets get frequently cleaned and this reduces their germ load; but when last did you clean your phone?
Many of us even take our phones into the toilets.

The good thing is although your phone contains 10 to thousand times more germs than a toilet seat, it will not make you sick if you do not share it with someone else. Sharing phones will expose you to a different group of germs to which you may not have immunity. This same rule applies to the office or public phones.

There are several phone cleaners you can use to wipe down your phones but they may be expensive. Try using a Clorox wipe or simply add a drop of sanitizer to a napkin/soapless wipe and clean your phone.
Do it regularly.





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